Is This One Step Tooooo Far?

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 11, 2011

Thanks go to the United Chiropractors Association for bringing this to our awareness – is it moral?  Readers of this blog will know our feelings about vaccination.

Search this blog for other information about immunisation and vaccination.  We believe improving immunity naturally is the preferred option.  Nature in it’s wisdom provided us with a nervous system.  Our responsibility is to keep it healthy by Eating Well, Moving Well (Spinal fitness is included here), and Thinking Well.   Doctor McMinn’s own five children have never been vaccinated.  There ages now total 133 years – is it a co-incidence they have never been to a medical doctor for anything and that they are vitally healthy?  They have had chiropractic care since the day they were born.  Is it possible their nervous system is doing the job nature intended?  We can never improve on nature!

Michael East and Nick O’Donoghue

GENERIC-drug makers spent almost $2 million last year providing pharmacists with movie tickets, T-shirts, prescription holders and other benefits, new figures reveal.

Generic Medicines Industry Association released its first report on the Non-price benefits its members paid to pharmacists in 2010, as it is now required to do under conditions imposed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Apotex, for instance, spent $410,154 to provide pharmacists with dinners, lunches, movie tickets, vouchers and access to programs and software tools designed to increase generic substitution.

Flue Shot with Fries

Flu shot and Fries

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