Is Chiropractic The Answer?

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 25, 2009

AmbulanceThe following articles remind us just how important it is, now, more than ever in the history of man, why we need to take back control of our own health!

The following is an article from the Telegraph…..

The NHS is bleeding to death, and the time to operate is now!
Our politicians seem incapable of taking the measures needed to save the bankrupt health service, says Andrew Haldenby.

The NHS needs another £10 billion from the taxpayer to survive in three years’ time.

Many people would have been rather confused yesterday when they switched on the Today programme and heard that the health service is basically bankrupt. Apparently, the NHS needs another £10 billion from the taxpayer to survive in three years’ time (put another way, just less than the cost of paying for the entire police service).

Listeners would have been forgiven for thinking: hang on, hasn’t the NHS had a lot of extra money already? And they would be right. After a decade of historic spending increases, the NHS budget has more than doubled, from around £45 billion to £105 billion. The service has 41,800 more doctors and 84,700 more nurses. To say the NHS has never had more resources is an understatement: it is in a wonderland of extra money, on a scale that its leaders never expected. Quite amazing, then, that it is coming back to the taxpayer cap in hand.

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Natural News produced a similar article today: Their focus was on natural foods and medicines which we believe to be essential to good health too, however, your nervous system controls virtually every cell, tissue, muscle, gland and organ in the entire body (which also controls the extraction of nutrition from foods) so it makes excellent sense to ensure your nervous system is in peak condition to be able to extract the necessary nutrition from the food in the first instance. Remember Socrates said – “if you would have health, look first to the spine”

( America has crossed a new, disturbing threshold with the announcement that they will borrow money to pay for health care. In real terms, this means that sickness and disease in America will now be financed on credit.

This is a new “disturbing threshold” because it signals the beginning of a monumental mistake: The borrowing of money to invest in disease rather than health.

None of this borrowed money, you see, will actually go to teach people about the natural alternatives. Nor will it set free the knowledge about medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements that the FDA has fought so hard to suppress. This money will be used for one thing: To mortgage America’s future for the benefit of the drug companies, while the health of the people deteriorates even further.

Going broke to pay for disease!

Borrowing money to invest in real health might be justifiable, but borrowing money to pay for yet more “disease maintenance” (with huge payouts to Big Pharma and conventional medicine drug pushers) is idiotic.
It’s not just America that’s going broke from disease, either: The UK’s NHS service is “bleeding to death” for all the same reasons.

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The truth is, there’s not enough money in the whole world to pay for the ongoing costs of keeping the population diseased. This whole global scam of censoring information about nutrition, promoting junk foods and toxic personal care products, then making money by selling them patented pharmaceuticals is quickly coming to an end. It is simply not sustainable.

Every nation that bases its “health care” philosophy on pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy and surgery while censoring truthful information about natural remedies will eventually go broke.
Investing in disease only leads to financial failure

There is simply no way around it:  Disease is expensive. And while it may appear to stimulate the economy by causing money to change hands, in reality it destroys productivity, longevity and happiness while sending families, states and nations careening towards utter financial destruction. For every dollar spent on disease, a nickel could be spent preventing disease instead. We could slash our health care costs by 90 percent if we simply shifted our health care priorities to education and natural remedies instead of promoting ignorance and chemicals.

Just watch the USA and the UK — both are approaching complete financial collapse due, in large part, to the unrelenting burden of costs associated with paying for disease (while censoring natural health remedies).

Western medicine, in essence, will destroy any nation that dares adopt it.

Take a look around the planet: Virtually all the countries with no debt are those countries that still use natural remedies and haven’t sold out to western medicine. At the same time, all the countries nearing bankruptcy are those who have allowed western medicine to dominate their health care systems. Is this a coincidence? Of course not. Western medicine destroys both the health and the economies of nations.

Putting Corporations Above the People

It is now quite clear that there will be no rational effort in place to save the western world from its self-inflicted health-related bankruptcy. Rather than saving our country’s future by teaching people how to be healthy, our national leaders are focusing their efforts on saving the profit margins for all the corporations that keep us sick: Food companies, drug companies, personal care product manufacturers and all the other various organizations that profit from disease.

The only way to prevent the financial ruin of a nation is to stop poisoning the people and start openly teaching natural health habits.


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Jan from BetterSpines July 2, 2009 at 1:48 am

Well said! There is so much money going down the drain of sickness-care instead of wellness-care, it is ridiculous. And study after study has shown the benefits of Chiropractic for overall health as well as for relief of pain from injuries. But who tells the man in the street? All the popular media promulgate the lie that allopathic care is the only “scientific” way, and everything else is “unproven”.

Pat July 3, 2009 at 6:14 pm

It seems that scientists don’t believe anything unless they can see it. Too bad!!
They have been left way behind!!! Some still think the earth is flat too!

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