How To Improve Your Positive Mental Attitude

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 13, 2011

In yesterday’s post we talked about “thinking well”  and the part a positive mental attitude plays in contributing to health and vitality.

Horticultural Therapy is one such solution to helping you to Think Well, Eat Well and Move (Well).

The restorative and beneficial qualities of gardening have been demonstrated by many ancient cultures throughout the ages.  A love and appreciation of gardening brings together nature and beauty, providing an atmosphere of safety, peace and joy.  By working with the soil and nurturing plants we create a comforting, creative space just to “be” which allows us to escape from the frantic fast paced world we live in.

This is a reassuring, satisfying activity which can boost confidence, provide much needed solitude or social interaction if desired, in a supportive environment. Mental health is improved through self belief and social interaction, physical dexterity as fitness improves and you are even able to benefit from consuming or sharing your own produce!

As a Horticultural Therapist, Jan offers an opportunity to help people develop in ways that may not have been obvious before, to grow not only the plants but people themselves!  It is an ideal way to open up new doors and opportunities whether recovering from an illness or loss or simply want an alternative way to stay fit!  You have the opportunity to learn a new skill, make a new friend or find a new “you” that you never knew existed – naturally!

Jan is happy to work with you in your own private garden or an independent site and can be contacted on 07808 401 106   or email for more information.



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