How Important Are Your Spinal Curves?

by Chiropractors Brighton on October 20, 2009

Pink FlamingoYou may not think about it as we do, but the natural curves that occur in the four different regions of your spinal column (cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacrum) help to balance your body, allow you to move in different directions and prevent injury. Have you ever watched a baby lying on the floor – as they raise their head, strengthening the neck and back muscles, they are also creating the important curves in the spine.

The curve that should be present in the upper part of the spinal column, called the cervical spine, is a lordodic curve. When viewed from the side, this is a forward curve.

Birds have a “S” shaped curve in their cervical spine permitting even greater range of motion than our “C” shaped curve.

Injury, including motor vehicle accidents or any uncorrected trauma can cause the cervical spine to straighten and lose this vital lordodic curve. This is a common problem we see in our clinic and is known as cervical kyphosis and can progress to the point where a reverse curve is formed. Even a slight reduction in the normal lordodic curvature can produce subtle or more obvious health problems like numbness or tingling in the arms, hands and fingers, headaches, pain in the shoulder region, irritability.
The causes of cervical kyphosis can include:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Congenital Kyphosis that appears at birth
  • Trauma, such as whiplash from an auto accident

Symptoms can range in severity from mild discomfort and headaches, to decreased range of motion in the neck and in the most severe cases, paralysis.

Neck pain may be common, but it’s not normal. If you’re experiencing any type of neck pain, please call our office to schedule a thorough examination. Chiropractors are specially trained to locate abnormalities in the spinal column. If you or anyone you know are experiencing any of the above symptoms please feel free to call our office for a FREE CONSULTATION at 88 Portland Road Hove, BN3 5DL. 01273 20818                 No obligation.Satisfaction Guarantee.

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