How Do We Spend It?

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 16, 2011

Every day of our lives we are given 86,400 of them!  We cannot carry them forward until to tomorrow.  When they are gone, they are gone!   We cannot hoard it, save it, store it, invest it or give it away.    It is only ours to use.

Time!  86,400 seconds every day!

The question is – “how are we investing it?”

Time cannot be managed, however, we can manage those things that take up our time.

  • Time is perishable – it must be used by midnight!
  • Time is measurable and we all get the same amount to use each day.
  • Time is irreplaceable – we cannot get it back once it has gone.
  • Time is a priority – we always make time for our priorities.

This leaves the question “What are our priorities?”

Are we taking the time to be healthy?

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