How Chiropractic Saved My Life

by Chiropractors Brighton on May 15, 2010

Every day in Chiropractic offices around the world Chiropractors save lives!!  Strange goings on in a Chiropractic office!  Chiropractors save people from living a life they have been condemned to live.  Those words – “You will have to learn to live with it“, or “it’s just part of the ageing process” or “there’s nothing else that can be done” are all messages that people hear when traditional medicine has failed them.  Chiropractors save people from living a life condemned to thinking there is nothing that can be done!  Maybe there is nothing that can be done by traditional means, but Chiropractic is different.  Chiropractic looks for nerve interference in the spine, since your nervous system controls and co-ordinates virtually every cell, tissue, muscle, gland and organ in the entire body.  Remember the words of Socrates – “If you would have health, look FIRST to the spine”!  Chiropractors do just that – look first to the spine and remove the interference, allowing the body to heal itself naturally.  Many of our patients ask us “why wasn’t I told”?  We would like to know the answer to that question too!!

This is the Story of Geri Carlson after an upper cervical adjustment she received in February 2004, changed her life. Chronic suffering is enough to torment any individual, and Geri Carlson lived that misery. As Geri puts it, she was trapped in a cycle of suffering until a hand reached down and showed her the way out. The “cure to her medical ailment” was a chiropractic adjustment from a subluxation based chiropractor practicing in South Bend Indiana – but remember – the only true cure is by the body itself – therapy of any kind is just a facilitator!

Geri remembers the visit well, it was on Wednesday, February 4, 2004. Geri said the adjustment given that day changed and saved her life forever , leaving her amazed with the results of chiropractic care.

Since that time Geri Carlson has become an advocate for chiropractic. She’s been so inspired by the changes she’s experienced under chiropractic care that she’s authored a book (I Stand Amazed: How Chiropractic Saved My Life, paperback, ISBN:1-60034-874-2) and launched a website to spread the message to others.

Information sourced from United Chiropractors Association.

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