How Chiropractic Changes Lives

by Chiropractors Brighton on December 10, 2009


Australia - The Lucky Country

Hi Richard,

Karen came and made herself known to me when she was visiting Katanning last year, as I am now employed by Dr Beau Woods (father is Lyndon who has in practised for many years in Armadale and the Narrogin region). We had a chiropractor open sign outside the clinic and Karen said she wanted to find out who the chiropractor was.

You may not remember me but I certainly remember you and the difference chiropractic made to our son Darren and our lives in 1976. We used to live at Jerdacuttup and our first visit to you was because Darren wouldn’t sleep had terrible reflux and a totally bad attitude. He was around eight months old and the change is his totally well being was marvellous. Over the years we had regular care from your team and another son Steven joined the family in 1979 and the boys would say we need a ‘snap, crackle, pop’ time with Dr Richard. The boys are now 33 and 30 respectively and both continuing chiropractic care as John and I are.

In 2004 we sold our farm “Jindalee” and relocated and refocussed our lives to Cuballing just north of Narrogin – I was working for the agric-political farming organisation the Western Australian Farmers Federation when I was approached by Dr Beau to join him at his clinics in Narrogin, Katanning and Lake Grace. This was a major change for me as I hadn’t worked in any field of health before, but I took the plunge and am so very pleased to be part of the chiropractic family.

I meant to contact you before but had mislaid your email address – also I have been studying the CA in a Box program by Powerful Practices and this unit asked how I became involved in chiropractic, and as I wrote it down I had another look and located your address. I have been thoroughly enjoying the course although at times it has been very challenging.

Please pass on my regards to Karen and I look forward to hearing from you when and if you have the time,

Kindest regards,

Pat McDougall Chiropractic Assistant to Dr Beau Woods (Australia)

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