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by Chiropractors Brighton on July 16, 2010

When people meet we usually hear the kind of greeting like – “How are you”, “How Have You Been” etc which would indicate that health is, and has been a major preoccupation of people for as long as we can remember – second only to the weather if you live in the United Kingdom!!

Life seems quite futile without good health to enjoy it as we are not able to derive pleasure from anything, or anyone –  including work, recreation and relationships.  Without good health it is impossible to enjoy life, and then pleasures really become of little importance.    We expect to have energy, enthusiasm, happiness, and the ability to be successful in our jobs and our lives, and it certainly is possible if we enjoy good health, however despite the many advances of science and medicine in dealing with problems of health and disease, there are startling facts which indicate that the health of people in the western world is steadily worsening and that more and more people are suffering from some disability which interferes with their normal daily activities. Although improved nutrition, better hygiene and better living conditions have cut down many of the old-time contagious diseases, they have been replaced by many new degenerative diseases caused by poor lifestyle practices, over prescribing of drugs and the stress of modern living.  It has been proved scientifically that our early ancestors were much healthier than we are today, due to the fact that they had the Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well aspects of life in balance. They ate what was in season and available, fresh, not manufactured or fast food – they either had to catch it or collect it which required them to be active.  They had to hunt for their meat and search and collect for berries, roots, herbs etc, which meant that they were always active and on the move.  Stress was an unknown factor except at certain times like when their lives were threatened, so their fight or flight mechanism was not constantly being triggered, unlike ours is today.  The fight or flight mechanism in our body causes the body to be flooded with hormones at times of stress and unfortunately our continuing stress means that the mechanism rarely gets switched off resulting in the body becoming flooded with stress hormones on a daily basis, which causes toxicity and inflammation.

There are many natural approaches to healing which have been overlooked or ignored by the medical profession in its overwhelming concentration on drugs and surgery. Here at Chiropractic life we concentrate on the Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well paradigm of living as advocated by Dr James Chestnut.  Keeping your spine free of interference and keeping it mobile is included in the “Move Well” part of living.  Now, more than at any other time regular Chiropractic Care is necessary because of the sedentary type of lifestyle that modern man (and women and children) live.  We experience the world through our nervous system, and the spine houses our nervous system, which controls and co-ordinates virtually every other cell, tissue, muscle, gland and organ in the entire body. Our body will be healthier if our nervous system is free of interference so that it can do it’s healing work unhindered.  Chiropractors are Spinal Nerve Specialists – their job is to remove the  interferences (spinal misalignments – caused by thoughts, traumas, toxins) to allow your body to function as it was designed to do – naturally!

Chiropractic (pronounced “ki-ro-prak-tik”) is the fastest growing natural healing art in the world.  Science, art and philosophy all rolled into one!  People are fast losing faith in modern medicine for their every day ill’s and diseases which have become prevalent through the over prescribing of drugs.  There is even a name for these diseases! It’s called “Iatrogenic Disease – simply meaning – doctor induced – the dictionary gives the following description -  “A malady induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures”.

Drugs and surgeries are for emergency care.  Diseases are not emergencies.  They are the end result of poor lifestyle practices and medicine would do well to educate patients about taking responsibility to Eat Well, Move Well and Think Well as it has now been proved scientifically that these lifestyle practices influence our health by up to 99%!  We can’t ingest rubbish, live a sedentary life and fill our minds with unhealthy thoughts and images and still expect our bodies to respond with vibrant health.  If we filled the petrol tank of our car with oil, allowed it to sit and rust and/drove it onto off road surfaces, eventually it would just stop!  Our bodies will too, unless we look after them as they were intended to be looked after.

We can help you get back on the road!  We believe in a Natural Approach to Health!  Take Advantage of our Complimentary  Consultation Today!

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