Holly’s Chiropractic Story

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 4, 2009

HollyMy Dad was the first person in my family to join Chiropractic Life. He had severe back pain. When he went to the Chiropractor, eventually his pain started to fade, and now can get on with his life freely.

My Mum was the second person to join Chiropractic Life. She had less pain than my Dad but was still sore. Step by step, visit by visit, she was able to do all the things she needed to. She now says that things don’t hurt: they feel relaxing.

Richard is our Chiropractor. He uses jolts to move our backs gradually into place. He is very kind, polite and gentle and a social person. What I really like about him is he always asks you about your day or the space in between your last visit and the best thing is he remembers it!

I was really scared of “the gun”. It’s the grey, clicky machine which he gently puts on to your back and pushes something. The stick that is placed on your back then is pushed further into your back and reaches the spine and finally moving it. I feared this contraption so much. Whenever I was offered to feel. I fled.

But now I love it! Instead of jumping jolts it’s just a little press, yet it does

So much! I’m really pleased because before I joined Chiropractic Life I loved to jump on my trampoline, then I went camping with the Guides and I was just sitting on my deck chair, talking on the uneven ground. Obviously when you sit , your coccyx bone (on the end of your spine) sticks out. So I was sitting down and the next thing you know, I was violently tipped off my chair, backwards. I was in pain for ages. Richard say my coccyx sticks out so much and he operates on that as well.

When I first went it was to feel my back and find out what was wrong. I also had an x-ray. The next time, I found out my results and it was the same as my Grandma’s and my Mum’s back. My Mum was so scared that it was almost exactly the same.

Like I said before, I love to jump on the trampoline, but since then I wasn’t able to jump, let alone jump on the trampoline.

But now, since Richard began to give me treatment I have been able to do what I love to do.

My Chiropractic Life journey has been immense, so far, because it still hasn’t finished. No matter how much movement and jolting I go through, I can always trust Richard and Karen and all the rest. I highly recommend this treatment because it is fantastically fanominale (phenomenal).



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