Help For Kristy’s Shoulder Pain

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 10, 2010

Kristy At Work!

I have had problems with my shoulder and left arm for about three years, symptoms being pain in the shoulder blade and running down into my left arm into my fingers.  After a trip to the doctors I was referred to a physiotherapist.  The treatment there helped for a while but once finished it soon came back.  I also noted that when stressful situations arose it seemed to aggravate the issue even more and I would also get bad headaches.

I decided to try chiropractic treatment in 2009 after a friend was receiving some for her back injury.  I hadn’t been to a chiropractor before and wasn’t sure what to expect but everyone at the practice put me at ease and were extremely friendly and helpful from the start.

After the x-rays and initial assessment I was told that my neck was not as curved as should be and as a result the spine was pinching the nerves that run down into my left arm and shoulder.  Following this assessment I started a block of 12 treatments over 6 weeks.  After a couple of weeks my arm and shoulder felt as though it was part of my whole body again rather than a separate entity.

After my initial treatment I am now having adjustments every 4 to 6 weeks, I’m pleased to say that it has really helped with the pain and tingling I was feeling; as well as that I am sleeping a lot better and I’m getting a lot less headaches than I was before (I didn’t think that this could be related).  It’s amazing to me to think of the effect that chiropractic care has had on my wellbeing as a whole as well as the initial injury.


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