Headaches, Dyslexia, Pins and Needles and Chiropractic

by Chiropractors Brighton on September 3, 2010

The Martin Clan (minus Matt!)

Chiropractic truly is a family affair!  Read the Martins story -

We first met Richard at The Ardingly Show about 9 years ago.. he invited us in to have a go on a pair of scales…. Andy had been suffering with recurrent headaches and myself at the time had a weak grip and pins and needles in my right arm…..We had both visited our GP but Richard was the only one that managed to sort out my pins and needles! in the first visit… I was well impressed as I had been suffering with this for about 18mths and Andy did not suffer from these debilitating headaches after a couple of visits. We have four children which we introduced to the world of Chiropractic care soon after our first experience… One of our children has dyslexia and we saw a significant improvement in him within a couple of visits, he seemed to grow and become more confident and has continued this into adulthood – he now works for himself and has great ambitions. As a family we are much healthier and visits to the GP are very rare and for the children non existant! We actively try and introduce people we can see suffering to the way of Chiropractic Life as we know the benefits we have gained over the last 9 years. We visit Richard on a regular basis as a whole family – coming all the way to Hove from Chichester and have even managed to persuade our Son in Law to attend… he is now a convert! Chiropractic care has been a significant part of our lives over the past 9 years and long may it continue, Chiropactic Life are extremely professional and have become great friends…and we all look forward to each session xx The Martin Clan xx

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