Finding Peace In A Stressful World

by Chiropractors Brighton on December 10, 2010

Brighton Chiropractor

Researchers have discovered that approximately 90% of visits to doctors are caused by stress!  It is not uncommon for people to present in our clinic with stress related pain.

During periods of stress the body’s adrenal glands produce hormones, such as adrenaline, which also increases blood pressure.   Chronic stress keeps these hormones at dangerously high levels. However, studies suggest that severe cases of stress extend beyond the temporary increase in blood pressure and begin to injure cells of the body – which may accelerate the aging process, leaving people susceptible to various diseases.

For a long time psychologists have been aware of the impact stress has on the body’s ability to fight infections, but now a study has shown how stress also plays a major influence in altering the functions of the immune system.

Researchers have concluded that the stressors that most negatively compromise the immune system were the chronic stressors – stress of enduring duration.  They also discovered the longer the duration of stress or perceived length of the stress, the less the body’s ability to adapt to the stressful situation. It was determined this kind of stress could lead to serious negative health repercussions beginning with attacking the immune system at the cellular level then going after the overall broader functions of the immune system.

Clearly we need to do something about stress before it takes it’s toll.  Chiropractic Care is care of the nervous system – through which we experience our stress.  It makes such good sense to ensure that our nervous system is getting the help it needs to keep stress at bay.

There are also some simple things that we can do for ourselves:

  • In our last blog post we mentioned writing a gratitude journal every day for a few minutes.  This is a powerful exercise.  I have done it myself and continue to do so from time to time,  however I believe the best form of this is when it is done everyday!
  • Many find comfort in prayer.
  • Take ten deep breaths.  As you inhale first let your abdomen swell then take further breath in as you lift your rib cage.  Exhale by deflating your abdomen first and then your upper chest to release all the breath.   This can be done standing, sitting or laying down and is perfect to begin the day and end the day or to use at anytime during the day.  Yoga can help with this breathing exercise which is not hard to perfect.
  • Practicing having positive mental thoughts and images.  This takes persistence. Viewing the glass half full rather than half empty!
  • Taking time out to walk in nature.
  • Doing a good deed.
  • Giving.
  • Listening to beautiful gentle soul music.
  • Sitting by a fire.
  • Lighting a candle.
  • Sharing.

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