Eating Well, Moving Well, Thinking Well in 2011

by Chiropractors Brighton on January 4, 2011

When our daily activities align with our highest priorities, we have a credible claim to better performance, higher achievement, and peace of mind.
It’s that time of year again, the time when many of us start making a list of New Year resolutions.   Why is it that we can keep making the same resolutions year after year, yet we don’t see results?  It’s because resolutions only require words, but results require action!
We all know that change is hard and requires stepping out of our comfort zones, but nothing worthwhile ever comes from sitting around and waiting or wishing for something to change.
Health is our most prized possession and as we head into 2011 making the goal to improve our health is one of the best goals we can have.  We can do this by deciding to :
Eat Well - maybe decide to introduce more raw foods into the diet
Move Well – make a plan to increase more regular activity into the week
Think Well- decide to focus on the glass half full instead of half empty
Committing to small improvements will have a huge effect on our overall health.
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