Does Your Baby Have Symptoms?

by Chiropractors Brighton on March 24, 2011

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  • Symptoms are not normal!
  • Colic is not normal!
  • Persistent crying is not normal!
  • Failure to feed properly is not normal!
  • Fussiness is not normal!
  • Earache is not normal!
  • Inflamed throat is not normal!
  • Not sleeping properly is not normal!
  • Asthma is not normal!
  • Hayfever is not normal!
  • Growing pains are not normal!
  • Persistent Symptoms of any kind are not normal!

Symptoms are the body’s warning system that the nervous system is under attack. This is true for babies and children and equally true for adults.

Chiropractors check vertebral function to see if there are interferences – especially in the upper neck.  By freeing the nervous system of interference a child is able to flourish, grow, enact, move and more importantly heal  itself naturally as it was designed to do – and thrive!

So just for the record – Chiropractors do not treat any of the above symptoms – they look for nerve interference because every cell, tissue, muscle, gland, organ and system of the entire body is controlled and co-ordinated by the nervous system and by removing nerve interference the body is able to do it’s own work of self healing. Your child becomes their own doctor!! We were designed to be healthy and any interferences to the nervous system frustrates this purpose.

Dr McMinn has five children who have never been to a doctor.  They were born at home and have had chiropractic care since the day they were born. (see previous post).  Their ages now add up to one hundred and thirty three years – that’s a hundred and thirty three years of natural, drug free health care.  The result?  Vitally healthy young adults!  Isn’t this what everyone wants for their children?

If you want the very best for your family – choose Chiropractic!

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