Does a Healthy Diet Include Eggs?

by Chiropractors Brighton on October 11, 2010

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For many years I have listened to the debate raging about whether eggs were a health food or something that should be avoided or eaten only rarely.  The debate rages on, however my intuition (and logic), which has always served me extremely well, made me realise that eggs are indeed a health food and should be embraced as part of a healthy diet.  Not just the whites, but the yoke and the whites eaten together.  I never could make sense of the fact that people decided to separate the white from the yolk, as in nature eggs occur complete – whites and yolks together – food to sustain a new life.  It just made sense that eating an egg was going to be an excellent source of nutrition!  When our children were toddlers I frequently gave them “coddled eggs” but only and ever from organic sources.  Dr James Chestnut from the Wellness Practice and The Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well philosophy of  living is an enthusiastic supportor of eating the paleo diet, which heartily includes eggs.

One of the reasons eggs get a bad rap is because they are high in cholesterol but they are also high in lecithin which counteracts cholesterol!  If you have concerns about high cholesterol it would be far more advantageous to reduce your carbohydrate and sugar intake and eliminate refined carbs altogether!

Where Would We Be Without the Egg?

Dr. Clare M. Hasler, Ph.D, of the University of Illinois gave a presentation entitled “The Changing Face of Functional Foods” in which she defines ‘functional foods’ as “…those providing health benefits beyond basic nutrition and include whole, fortified, enriched or enhanced foods which have a potentially beneficial effect on health…”

She notes that “eggs have not traditionally been regarded as a functional food, primarily due to concerns about their adverse effects on serum cholesterol levels.” However it is now known that “there is little , if any connection between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels”,she states.  She also states that “eggs are an excellent dietary source of many essential components.”

We believe that eggs are one of the most nutritional foods you can eat, provided by nature for us!  Choose organic if possible.  By doing so we are not only consuming the very best there is but we are supporting an industry that treats animals kindly.

Very often many of the pains we experience (including back and neck pain) are the result of poor lifestyle choices.  At Chiropractic Life we hope to empower and inspire you to achieve health through Eating Well, Moving Well and Thinking Well.

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Chiropractors Brighton October 12, 2010 at 9:13 am

If you do a true paleo diet with pure fresh organic ingredients I believe there is no need to supplement!

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