Divorce : The Forgotten Injury

by Chiropractors Brighton on March 20, 2009

snf17womin-682_756332aSome have asked why we would be involved with the recent Starting Over Show for divorced people and because of this I thought it wise to help people understand what happens to our health during times of extreme stress and pressure.

You will often hear of someone who has been diagnosed with this disease or that disease and the cause has been attributed to stress – especially stress over a long period of time.

Divorce of course causes stress. Big stress. Big stress over a long period of time. Big stress over a long period of time for many people, including the innocent children.

Divorce is commonly known as The Forgotten Injury

Divorce may cause subluxations (minor misalignments of the spine). These subluxations are caused by physical, emotional or chemical stress.  Divorce is an extreme emotional stress, as is any kind of estrangement. This may often lead to consumption of alcohol, drugs or caffeine which causes chemical stress.  While reacting to stress, the body goes through alarm, resistance and exhaustion.  Although occasional stress can be of benefit, too much stress is taxing on the body.  This affects our nervous system. Our nervous system is the master controller of the body.
Chiropractors are Spinal Nerve Specialists and as such their job is to remove interferences in the nervous system so that the body can do its own work of healing.

Feelings of hopelessness or avoiding solving our problems can spark depression.  Past or present psychological distress can also lead to pain, particularly low-back pain, which often comes with leg pain, headaches, sleep problems, anxiety and depression and other vague unexplained pain anywhere in the body. These are all symptoms Chiropractors see on a daily basis.

The kinds of stress people are under in this day and age have never been seen before and it is playing havoc with the health of our nation. As a result of this people are searching for opportunities to reduce their stress levels in an effort to improve their health.

Constant stress elevates blood pressure and cortisol levels. This stress affects children. Stressed out parents have more anxiety and are more likely to show negative emotions and anger to their children. Harsh reactions and negative emotions also increase the intensity of children’s emotions (which are allready fragile because of the stress of divorce itself and possible insecurity and rejection and abandonment) and this makes it hard for the children to act in a socially competent way. Children also learn stress coping skills from their parents – often to their detriment.
The nervous system is the organizer and coordinator of all bodily processes. All other systems depend upon the integrity of the nervous system to function properly. The most direct method of presenting and correcting illnessof any kind is directed toward balancing the nervous system.  This is precisely the pathway that chiropractic and stress management care utilize.

The combination of stress reduction techniques and chiropractic care allows the body/mind to do what it innately knows best: to heal and rejuvenate itself for vital living!

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