Danielle’s Chiropractic Story

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 10, 2009

Danielle SilkFrom about the age of 6/7 years, Danielle had several occasions of unexplained abdominal pain which had no apparent trigger, pattern or cause.

Numerous visits to the doctor proved inconclusive. Danielle is now 11 and 3 years ago had such a bad episode of stomach pain that we ended up in the emergency department of Sussex County Hospital. Danielle was admitted that night to the children’s hospital but they were unable to diagnoses what the problem was.

We spent 3 nights in hospital and Danielle was given scans and x-rays, they diagnosed severe constipation despite me explaining that she regularly went to the toilet and never had any previous problems.

Nonetheless they insisted on giving her her an enema which gave no result (I told them she wasn’t constipated!!!!)

At one point during the consultants walk round, Danielle was writhing around the bed in such pain, and they stood basically scratching their heads, unable to diagnoses what was wrong with her. Once the pain subsided and as they didn’t really know what was wrong they discharged her.

My mum who had been seeing Richard at Chiropractic Life for some time decided to take Danielle along and so started Danielle’s road to recovery. She saw Richard on a monthly basis and her episodes of pain reduced with only occasional episodes. I once said to Danielle that she never complained about having to make the journey into Hove which occasionally clashed with something involving her friends and she said “going meant she didn’t get any Richard tummies!!!” which is what she called her painful episodes. Danielle still sees Richard about once per month and has not experienced a painful episode for some time.

I cannot recommend enough what Chiropractic has done for Danielle. Richard and Karen are very unique people, they are always happy to help and have a genuine interest in helping people. Their office has a nice atmosphere and their hours are very flexible. I would not have considered seeing a chiropractor previously and it was on recommendation from my mum who that that Richard may be able to help – which of course he did. My advice to anyone with any pain issues is to try a chiropractor and see for yourself the benefits.

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