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by Chiropractors Brighton on November 29, 2010

Elise - keeping her work/life balance!

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Well another week has passed, and I have been continuing my summer holiday tradition of fun and frolicking.

I’ve been doing a lot of swimming and running (as mentioned in my previous post) and I’m feeling incredibly fit! I’ve also been getting loads of sunshine because of course I am in the southern hemisphere!

Iv’e just been up to the Chiropractic College to hand in my final documentation which means I can now look forward to beginning my Chiropractic Studies in earnest!   Everytime I think of studying at the college I get so excited -  I just can’t wait to be filling my brain with insightful and useful knowledge.  While I was there I noticed a sign about becoming a Chiropractor -  it said the perfect work life balance!   We are always striving for that elusive “work/life balance”.  The universe is constantly trying to create balance – morning and evening,   light and dark, hot and cold, up and down, forwards and backwards etc and because we are also part of this universe the same stands true for us – our bodies are constantly striving for balance – otherwise known as homeostasis! When things are not going right, or we are not feeling well, do we complain, not realising that perhaps we have been neglecting our health, neglecting relaxation time, neglecting family time or even worse – neglecting taking time for ourselves. Balance is a very elusive yet important thing, and what might work for someone, may not necessarily work for another but that is the wonderful thing about life, we all have different ways of doing things. My own balance would include rewarding work, an active social life while finding time to connect with myself – thoughts/feelings/emotions.   Balance also includes regular exercise, thinking well and eating well, although I have a confession that sometimes I have junky days now and then!  As long as we have healthy habits most of the time our lives will stay in balance.  I see balance, as a sort of consistency – something that doesn’t just happen – we have to work at it.   There will be times when we are both up and down but both are necessary to complete the picture of balance. I think when we understand this, we can embrace life in its entirety more fully and perhaps place less pressure on ourselves, when we realise both sides of life are necessary to create this  balance.  The seasons speak to us about balance  -  after the dark months of winter comes the reawakening of spring -  seasons working  in perfect harmony.

Chiropractic is a profession based on creating that same perfect harmony within the body.   Disease is an imbalance in the body,  and when we get our Chiropractic adjustments,  interferences to our nervous system are removed, thus allowing our body to reconnect and rebalance and re-create that perfect harmony we were created to have.    Balance also leads to a more harmonious daily life, and of course this has a positive knock on effect, in everything that we do, say and be!

We know you can live without Chiropractic but you can live much better with it!!  Living better is my motto!  Living better means giving and getting the most from life!

Until next time,

Elise :)

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