Could This Disappear?

by Chiropractors Brighton on February 10, 2011

Chiropractors Brighton

Natural forests and ancient woodlands are priceless, and once they’re gone – they’re gone forever.

We have no desire to become political but feel it is important that people know the government is planning to sell off Britain’s forests -(to sign a petition against this proposal click here )

Forests and woodlands provide fresh air for us to breathe and places for us to retreat to and reconnect with nature, which is so vital to our health and wellbeing.  Exposure to such a diverse range of energy wavelengths from the colours of the environment and  plants and animals in nature is, of itself, a healing experience.  The vibrant colours of summer, rich and earthy tones of autumn, delicate winter hues and brilliant colours of spring all impart subtle healing through their presence.  Spending time in nature allows our brain to explore a more diverse natural reality, causing it to function at a higher cognitive level – and this opportunity could be lost!

Right now there are over 400 ancient woods covering over 10,000 hectares throughout the UK which are subject to a current planning application that could physically damage or fragment them, or even destroy them entirely.  Ancient woodland is such an irreplaceable and priceless asset.

Ancient woods are the UK’s richest source of biodiversity, supporting at least 232 species of conservation concern, as outlined in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, 1994.  Over the next few weeks the Government will be in consultation with the Woodland Trust who will continue to bring to the public opportunities to shape the long-term future of England’s public estate.  To support their work click here

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