Could This Be Threatening Our Food Supply?

by Chiropractors Brighton on November 13, 2010

Brighton Chiropractors

Yesterday we were visiting an elderly lady in the country who commented on the diminishing bird population on and around her property, which is in a rural area and she has had over forty five years in the area to compare it with.  On that very day I had also commented on the fact that the number of birds that have been frequenting our back garden over the past few years seems to have declined.  There have been several  reasons put forward for this decline and scientists are currently working on discovering the true cause and if as they suspect that pesticides and mobile phone radiation could be causes, what are we going to do about it?  Now, more than at any other time it is important to support the organics industry to reduce these toxic chemicals in our environment to ensure a better future for our children!  We are exposed to over 60,000 different chemicals from out environment each day – yes, you read that right – 60,000 which may be harming your health and the health of our birds and insects.

Researchers have hypothesized that pesticides, many of which are neurotoxins, might be blocking the electrical signals of insect nervous systems. This could produce effects such as making it harder for bees to communicate with each other, preventing them from identifying food sources or making it hard for them to find their hive again at the end of a foraging trip.  To read the full article click here.

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