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by Chiropractors Brighton on April 1, 2011

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How many falls will your child have during the first three years of life?

Approximately 2,500!!

That’s just to age three!

Imagine how many more happen during the rough and tumble of childhood playing, sports and accidents – some we see as parents, and some we don’t and that is not even taking into account any birth trauma already present! Nothing is broken and the child stops complaining in a few days, but every fall, knock and accident accumulates and produces stress on the nervous system.

Do you think this may affect the developing spine?

The spine houses the nervous system, which is responsible for controlling and co-ordinating every cell, tissue, muscle, gland, organ and system of your entire body.  The health of your body depends on the clear and vital communication from your brain to every part of your being – via your spinal column!  Spinal health is vital to your general health and immune function. In his wisdom Socrates said “If you would have health, look first to the spine”. Why has medicine decided to look first to pharmaceuticals?  Don’t be hoodwinked by “big pharma” who want your mind,body and money! (FYI – your money goes first to war, then to oil and then to big pharma – a lot of it unnecessarily).  Your body has the ability to heal itself naturally – we just need to give it the opportunity!

Every day in our Chiropractic office we see adults whose lives could be much healthier if they had had the benefit of Chiropractic care as a child!

Fortunately – it is never too late!

Consult us today for the care you should have had as a child!  If it is for a child, consult us today to prevent the dis-ease of tomorrow!

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