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by Chiropractors Brighton on January 27, 2011

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My name is Gary (not me in the picture, though!)  I’m 55 and some years ago I was experiencing pain in one of my arms, which was gradually getting worse.  I live in Burgess Hill and there was a chiropractic practice in the centre of town so I called in and was referred to Richard.

Richard took x-rays and examined me, successfully finding sore points in my back that I hadn’t realised were there.  He explained the cause of my arm pain in relation to misalignment of vertebrae in my spine and offered a course of treatment.  I went for it as although I had no knowledge of chiropractic techniques he gave me confidence that he could sort me out and I had no intention of living the rest of my life in pain.

I started a course of treatments, seeing Richard two or three times a week and in time the pain subsided, then disappeared.  Richard advised that I should continue treatment to prevent recurrence of the condition, so I continued to see him but on a less frequent basis (currently I have an appointment once every six weeks).

There were times when Richard was not available.   The first time that happened another chiropractor in the practice saw me, however his treatment methods were different to Richards, as was the result – I was in some discomfort.  Richard fixed me when I saw him next and I gained the impression that he was not best pleased with my treatment in his absence.

Eventually Richard left the practice in Burgess Hill.  I saw his replacement, but once again the treatment methods were different and I started to experience pain again.  Another chiropractor at the practice also did not improve matters. I decided to cease treatment at the Burgess Hill practice.

I was about to scour the internet for another chiropractor when I thought that the best solution would be to find Richard.  There was always the possibility that he had returned to his native New Zealand but if he was still in the UK, practising and reachable by car I was going to give it a go.  Luckily I found Chiropractic Life in Hove on my first attempt – happy day!  I phoned about five minutes later and was having my first appointment a few days after that.  Needless to say once again Richard fixed me and I’m now pain free again and seeing him once every six weeks.

The immediate benefit of chiropractic treatment was to give me a pain free life; however there may have been another benefit.  For years I suffered from migraines, numerous in my youth, less frequent in my middle years but still an unpleasant reality.  After having chiropractic treatment my migraines all but disappeared.  It could be coincidence but this did align with my treatment.  I’d rather continue with chiropractic treatment now just to keep the migraines away.

So mine is a happy story with a word of caution.  As I advise friends and colleagues experiencing back and other health problems – why don’t you try  a chiropractor – it worked for me, and if you live in Sussex go to Richard – because all chiropractors are not the same!

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Chiropractor Birmingham January 28, 2011 at 3:59 pm

Its great to read such a positive article about the chiropractic industry. We are delighted to hear of the added benefit in relation to your migraines too.

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