Confusing Professional Names

by Chiropractors Brighton on May 21, 2009

Question MarkChi – ro – prac – tic

- noun

A therapeutic system based primarily upon the interactions between the spine and nervous system, the method of treatment usually being to adjust the segments of the spinal column and/or extremeties.

Since Chiropractic is a relatively new profession in the United Kingdom it is understandable that people do not always know what to call the profession or its professionals.

We commonly hear the profession referred to as

  • Chiropracter
  • Chiropracters
  • Chiropracty
  • Chiropractics
  • Chiropratic
  • Chiroprator
  • Chiroprators
  • Chiropractice
  • Chirpractic
  • kiro
  • kiropracter
  • kiropractor
  • kiropractice
  • chiropractry
  • chiropractcy

We also hear the practitioner being referred to as a Chiropractitioner (which does actually make sense), however the correct professional names are listed below.

The profession is known as the Chiropractic profession and the professional is known as a Chiropractor.

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