Cindy’s Chiropractic Story

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 21, 2009

mailMy chiropractic story started in January this year but actually goes back much further in my life. For a couple of years now I have suffered with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I’ve experienced terrible fatigue, general joint and muscle aches and pains, IBS, and a host of other symptoms that built up over time. Any problem I went to my doctor with was dismissed as part of my ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – I had various blood tests and was told they were all normal, on paper there was nothing wrong with me.

One of my major symptoms were the constant headaches, something I have had to live with since I was a child. In fact I even took a course of preventative medication when I was 9 years old. It seemed to work for a short while but the headaches would always return eventually. Towards the end of last year I suffered a huge bout of terrible depression – very out of the blue and unusual for me. With this came lots of anxiety. I visited my GP who prescribed antidepressants for me – I was reluctant to take them as I feared becoming dependant on them but eventually I felt so bad I decided to give it a go. After my 4th pill I had a strange reaction, which resulted in numbness down the right side of my body. After brain scans I knew there were no sinister causes and was once again prescribed medication for migraines.

At this point I knew I had to take charge of things myself because the doctors only ever offered me more pills. I saw the advert for Chiropractic Life in the paper and decided to give it a try – it’s something I had been thinking about doing for a few years. As soon as I stepped into the waiting room I knew I had made the right choice. The staff are all so friendly and helpful and my consultation with Helen gave me so much hope – finally someone that listened to my problems in a caring, sympathetic way.

Through xrays we found that my hips were uneven and this in turn had put my spine out of place, resulting in my neck being almost ruler straight, hardly any natural curve there at all! My neck was straining to hold the weight of my head – which is exactly how it felt to me, but what doctor would listen to me about it without prescribing MORE PILLS? Not long after starting my chiropractic adjustments my headaches began to improve, my head began to clear and the anxiety abated. I no longer needed to take pain-killers every day and with this I noticed other weird symptoms in my body I had been masking.

I now felt able to begin researching my condition in depth more – I could devote my spare time to reading up on heath issues whereas with the constant headaches this would not have been possible. Finally I came across various thyroid support groups on the internet and I realised I had been living with a thyroid condition for years! Still the doctors wouldn’t listen to me so I changed GPs and found one that would run a battery of blood tests that I requested.

With these bloods I now found I had Hashimoto’s Disease. It’s an autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid gland and eventually leaves you hypothyroid. So although my blood test results are within the ‘normal reference range’ I had all the symptoms and was in fact borderline so I will benefit from thyroid replacement hormone and if I can achieve the right balance my ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will not be there.

The chiropractic philosophy taught me to trust myself and how my body feels – to listen to all the aches and pains and symptoms I was experiencing – instead of ‘popping pills’ to relieve pain to instead question why the pain is there in the first place. I no longer take what the GPs tell me at face value because that has already cost me 2 years of my life and upsetting health problems for a lot longer – without Chiropractic care I would never have been able to get to the root cause of my condition.

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Damon McMinn April 23, 2009 at 12:53 am

Beautiful tale clearly illustrating how vertebral subluxation can and does cause misery in our lives. Get checked today!

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