Chris’ Chiropractic Story

by Chiropractors Brighton on August 20, 2009

ChrisLate in 2006 I injured my back moving a large volume of heavy panels. I have had this sort of injury before during my working life and with care it had been alright after a short time, sure enough after a few weeks it became alot easier.

About a year later, after being stooped in one position for a longer period than usual, I experienced a severe pain in my back at the same spot as previously injured. It did not get any easier, so I saw my GP who said that it was a serious muscle injury and would take a long time to repair, I was advised to be careful and take painkillers when necessary. After about five weeks I returned to my GP because the pain was not getting easier and was told to give it more time. The pain did not ease and started to affect my sleeping, I would wake-up several times every night in pain and the only way to relieve it was with painkillers, sit up in bed or get up and walk around. This soon began to affect me in other ways, close relatives said I was moody and short-tempered, not to say how tired I felt all the time.

I first considered chiropractic help after seeing an article about a new practice that had recently opened in Portland Road, Hove called Chiropractic Life. The practice was bright and cheerful and the staff friendly and approachable, I was introduced to Helen Martin who took me for my assessment and x-rays. When I returned for the x ray results and Helen explained them to me I was a bit shocked at the condition of my neck and spine but she assured me that it was all treatable. I had visited the practice for my back injury and discovered that although I was aware of the other conditions such as stiffness in my shoulders and limited painful movement in my neck, I had not considered getting treatment for them, I had in the past also experienced sciatica pain.

After my first 12 adjustments I began to experience full nights pain-free sleep, I still woke up with backache but at my normal time of waking, the aching has gradually disappeared now. Helen has also given me an almost full range of pain free movement in my neck and shoulders. I am also quite surprised at how well I feel in my general health and demeanour and although my treatment is not yet complete I am convinced that the best is yet to come.

I would recommend Chiropractic Life to anyone and would say to them, “Prepare to be surprised at what you don’t know about your condition and watch for the vast improvement to your life.”


Dr Helen Martin Chiropractor Hove

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