Chiropractic Lifestyle in Brighton and Hove

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 23, 2009

Part of the Chiropractic Lifestyle includes doing things which bring peace to the soul – like walking in woodlands like this!!!!

Gentle exercise for the over 50′s does not have to be boring! Walking uphill and at a good pace along the paths (it is impossible to keep up to Richard!) will get the blood circulating nicely. All exercise does not have to be vigorous to be beneficial, it just needs to be regular and at least of ten minute duration ) thirty minutes a day is excellent.

These woods are in Stanmer Park and I believe the bluebells are at their best this week. Don’t miss them – or the opportunity to see them in full sunshine (forecast for this week!)

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Damon McMinn April 23, 2009 at 6:46 pm

Do I smell wistful envy coming from NZ…?

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