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by Chiropractors Brighton on April 15, 2009

Back and neck pain treatment in Brighton and HoveMy introduction to Chiropractic care was not fortunately through pain, but whilst on a shopping spree in Crawley.  There in the mall a machine displaying questions relating to the spine which immediately attracted my attention due to my interest in alternative treatments.  I decided to queue for more information, this was my introduction to Richard.  After a short discussion, Richard diagnosed that I was carrying extra weight to one side, to me that said an imbalance, even out of alignment, so I decided to take up Richard’s challenge and agreed to a course of treatment.

Since then (8 years) I have never looked back.  I can walk confidently upright without my handbag slipping off my shoulder, one of many results achieved through Chiropractic care.  Also since my regular visits, which I know has helped me tremendously, I am more flexible, maintaining my wellbeing.  I have not always been pain or virus free during my 8 years as a client of Richard but through my regular adjustments together with Karen’s herbal and expertise advice I have always made a speedy recovery.

My regular visits to Chiropractic Life is important to me because I feel like a new woman.  I love the welcome I receive from all the family and staff at Chiropractic Life

I feel I am able to share, through my experience the benefit of Chiropractic care.  My recommendations to anyone initially receiving Chiropractic care to continue, give it a chance because you need a course of treatment followed by regular adjustments to maintain optimal health.

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Damon McMinn April 23, 2009 at 12:45 am

You truly know the power of the doctor within.

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