Chiropractic Saved This Man’s Life!

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 29, 2010

The Lighthouse Guides The Way

Over at the Atlas of Life Blog this morning Brandon Harshe records an interview with Dr. Arno Burnier – this is what he said was his most memorable moment:

“Of course I saw great outcome and many miracles like most Chiropractors in practice. Yet my most memorable experience came from a man nicknamed ‘Chick.’ He came in at noon on a Wednesday, without any appointment. He was in severe pain. There was no speaking to him as the pain was so intense that he was not available to listen. I adjusted his occiput and he broke down crying like a baby.

I later found out that my office was his last stop before committing suicide. He has passed my office countless times because we were on main street. He had seen the crowd in the waiting room and at the talks. He did not know anything about Chiropractic, had never gone to one. Something attracted him there as a last resort place to come to.

As it turned out he was a Vietnam Vet involved in the Mi Lai massacre. He could not live with himself any longer for having killed innocent babies, children and women.”

He still communicates with me regularly even though I left Yardley, PA 15 years ago to live in Colorado. Chiropractic saved his life.

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Dr. Brandon Harshe August 7, 2010 at 6:12 pm

Thanks for the link! I read this the other morning after we did sub-gals for our daily morning inspiration. Very powerful story indeed. People laugh when we say chiropractic saves lives, but it does, just not always in the way people think.

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