Chiropractic – Putting More “Zing” Into Your Swing!

by Chiropractors Brighton on May 18, 2010

Tiger knows the value of a Chiropractic Adjustment

Today is perfect for golf – perfect only when your spine is aligned,  enabling full range of motion for your “swing”.  Tiger Woods is a man with a perfect swing – and with a Chiropractor to help him maintain it that way!

Tiger Woods – top professional golfer
“Being a chiropractic patient has really helped me immensely.”

“…lifting weights and seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis has made me a better golfer. I’ve been going to Chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.”

The intensity and endurance required by a great champion to be successful, is phenomenal. Although his private life continues to create media interest, Tiger Woods will always be known as one of the greatest golfers the world has ever known!   When considering the part the nervous system plays in our every day lives it becomes obvious why the world’s greatest athletes choose to include chiropractic care as part of their lifestyle, in conjunction with their other athletic training for sports performance and prevention of injuries.

One of the more common problems faced by any golfer, whether amateur or professional is the loss of mobility in one or both hips.  Hip mobility is essential since any restriction will force  the body to try to adapt by putting increased strain on the joints above in the spine, and below in the knees. If left uncorrected, this increased load of the lower back and knees will most likely lead to pain and inflammation – the most common reason for a golfer seeking the services of a Chiropractor, however, many golfers (professional and amateur) have discovered the added benefit (including a better and more consistent game) because of maintaining a programme of regular Chiropractic Care to keep their bodies in peak condition, rather than waiting for it to break down first before wanting to have it “fixed up”!   Neck and shoulder injuries also plague many golfers, however by introducing a regular schedule of Chiropractic Care along with  other healthy lifestyle habits, many injuries and problems can be averted.

Consult a Chiropractic Life Chiropractor to put that extra “zing” back into your swing!  Chiropractic Life – 88 Portland Road, Hove  BN3 5DL   Phone o1273 208188

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