Chiropractic For Kiwis

by Chiropractors Brighton on May 11, 2009

mcylvrideDarryl and I moved to the UK 5 years ago from New Zealand where we had been benefiting from regular chiropractic care for many years to keep our backs in good working order. After we had settled in to our new lives, we wanted to continue with the same level of care and expertise we had enjoyed in New Zealand but were not happy with the results.

After a few years we went back to New Zealand for a holiday and some long overdue chiropractic adjustments, during the course of which we discussed our general dissatisfaction with our efforts to find someone like our NZ Dr Alan McCarthy in the UK. He mentioned that his cousin, Dr Richard McMinn, had a clinic in Brighton, and used the same techniques that he employed.

Upon our return to the UK we tracked him down, and are thrilled with the care we received at his clinic. We almost feel like family – they are very caring, friendly folk and we enjoy our treatment very much.

Naturally we heartily recommend the Chiropractic Life clinic to anyone who wants to enjoy an active, healthy, lifestyle. Its great!

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