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by Chiropractors Brighton on October 19, 2010

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Most people think of Chiropractors when they or someone they love has back pain or neck pain or some other kind of pain, but vitalistic Chiropractic is about PREVENTION – prevention of dis-ease and maintaining good health – a way to live, a way to think, a way to be!  At Chiropractic Life we do just that.  We see patients from as early as a few moments old to over 100 years and what are we doing?  Removing nervous system interference (caused by thoughts, trauma and toxins) allowing the body to continue to heal itself naturally as it was designed to do!  Yes, we do see people with back pain and neck pain and every other kind of pain but our passion is to educate the community on the kind of life that is available living a life with a nervous system free of interference – reaching fullest potential in every area of life!

John and Margi (Chiropractors) are friends of Dr Richard and Karen McMinn and theirs was the first clinic that Dr Glenn Fredericksen consulted when he was just a teenager, living in New Zealand.  Glenn became so inspired by this natural approach to health that he also decided to become a Chiropractor – one of ten of John and Margi’s patients who have become chiropractors and another nine are currently studying at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.
Their passion is in creating a community where it is ‘normal’ to have babies checked for subluxations from birth onwards. John and Margi run a very busy family practice in Rotorua, New Zealand where they see thousands of babies and children and pictures of these children line the walls of the clinic.   Often these babies and children are the first members of their family to receive chiropractic care before all the family finally become patients.  After giving birth in hospital, parents go home via John and Margi’s Chiropractic clinic to have their baby checked for interference to their tiny nervous systems.

Many will know that Dr Richard’s own five children were born at home and had their nervous systems checked for interference within moments of being born.  Many parents bring their children to Chiropractic Life to be checked and our vision like John and Margi and vitalistic Chiropractors everywhere, is to create a communities,  where it is normal for babies and children to be under Chiropractic care- helping them to excel and reach their fullest potential on every level.  This is what is available when the nervous system is free of interference – the body can develop unhindered and reach it’s fullest potential.

Is your child reaching their fullest potential?

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