Chiropractic, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Creaky Knees

by Chiropractors Brighton on November 20, 2010

Chiropractors Brighton

Since beginning my treatment with Chiropractic Life, Hove, I have noted many things in my very run down and poorly managed system change for the better. Chronic Fatigue Sydnrome symptoms are released and I feel the sudden flow of energy surge through my body like a small electric charge and over time and a series of adjustments, I can last longer between adjustments.  Brilliant News.

I have suffered creaky cracky knees for ages, especially when going up or down stairs.  This has been associated with, I believe, my sacral veterbrae which have been a constant source of trouble for years.  X-Ray and examination revealed my sacral veterbrae to be ‘locked’. A series of adjustments has started to free and loosen this area and I immediately noted the constant pain in my right hip was no longer there, but a new ache in my sacral veterbrae was very noticeable. I understood this to be quite natural as the spine has been fixed in a certain way for a very long time, once loosened the body has to adjust.  I also noticed my knees didnt creak and crack anymore either!  How amazing is that!

By sticking to the long term treatment plan I am noting very definite and positive improvements in my health, my posture, my wellbeing and my life.  Richard, Helen and Glenn are all excellent professionals with a brilliant sense of humour, always willing to answer any questions, ease any concerns and help YOU get your life back. I can and have recommended many peopled to them for a life-changing experience never to be regretted.  I personally am doing what I can to ensure better health now and that I remain as healthy and flexible as I can possibly be in my Twilight Years!   I cannot thank Chiropractic Life enough.’ ~Laura

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