Chiropractic And Sports Injuries

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 30, 2009

Shayne HowellThe cliche of work hard and play hard, has to some extent been a true statement of my life. Sport has always provided a focus for the frustrations of work/life. I have been involved with windsurfing and surfing for many years and they have given me many opportunities to travel and focus for learning. As with many sporting activities, the further you travel the training path, the more demanding the activity in terms of mental and physical fitness and with sports - that involves the natural world. You have to be able to perform.

With the above paragraph you can start to see the physical and psychological damage that an injury starts to perform on your ability to reach the level of performance that you feel you should have. My injury could not have been in a more demanding place than the lower back and resulted in a total loss in the ability and confidence needed in certain demanding conditions. During this time I tried many ways to solve the problem, but at the lowest point of injury, while trying to get a sock on, I decided to try a chiropractor.

I think the most refreshing area at the low point was the initial consultation and the explaining of the problem with the use of an x-ray (I am a kinaesthetic learner) and the ability to see a visual reason for the problems explained to me in clear terms and to have a game plan explained as to how this can be treated and improved for my day to day life and the demands of my loved activities.

I have now been using Chiropractic Life for over eighteen months and have confidence that I have gained, as well as the dramatic improvement in mobility and pain, can for me, only be given an A grade. For me personally the treatment has improved, and hopefully managed, not only the immediate problem, but stopped long term issues with my back. This can only speak positively of the treatment, staff and the practise as a whole.

Shayne Howell Ba (hons) Arch, PG Dip Arch
Design Technology Teacher

Dr Helen Martin Hove Chiropractor

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