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Next Generation Chiropractors!

February 1, 2011

Brighton Chiropractors Having completed a year of pre Chiropractic Science and a very intense Summer School, Elise is seen celebrating her first day at New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Message from Elise – Next Generation Chiropractor: Our first class this morning was Immunology with Bruce Lipton and he was saying how the gene theory is [...]

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Christmas Gingerbread

December 15, 2010

Brighton Chiropractors We don’t normally suggest eating sugary treats, but Christmas certainly has to be one exception!  As well as Eating Well and Moving Well,  – Thinking Well is a vital part of the Lifestyle Wellness programme to help ensure ongoing health and vitality.  One of  the ways  that this contributes to “Thinking Well” is [...]

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Creating Balance By Third Generation Chiropractor

November 29, 2010

Brighton Chiropractors Well another week has passed, and I have been continuing my summer holiday tradition of fun and frolicking. I’ve been doing a lot of swimming and running (as mentioned in my previous post) and I’m feeling incredibly fit! I’ve also been getting loads of sunshine because of course I am in the southern [...]

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Third Generation Chiropractor On Running…

November 23, 2010

Hove Chiropractors Hello readers! Hope you have all been keeping well since I last wrote. Today I want to talk about running. Running does receive a lot of conflicting viewpoints. Some people say it is bad for you because of the high impact, and then the other view is that it is a great exercise, [...]

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Update From Third Generation Chiropractor

November 14, 2010

Brighton Chiropractors Hello again, well since my last blog post I am sufficiently relaxed since finishing my exams. I have spent the past week catching up on sleep, working on my tan, seeing my dear friends, reading some good books and generally enjoying the feeling of no urgency. It has been wonderful! I had the [...]

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New Post From Second Generation Chiropractor

November 4, 2010

Update from Elise  “Down Under”! Well here I am again, this post coming later than I had anticipated since the last one.  I write this as a free woman, as of today I have completed my exams for the year and am officially on holiday. That crazy busyness leading up to exams and then suddenly [...]

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Next Generation Chiropractor!

October 15, 2010

Chiropractors Brighton and Hove. Hello readers!  You may have already been introduced to me by my photo in the clinic, my various blog posts or my parents may have mentioned my name (as I know they do!) I was born in Australia, lived in New Zealand before going to live in the UK for 9 [...]

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