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New Post From Second Generation Chiropractor

November 4, 2010

Update from Elise  “Down Under”! Well here I am again, this post coming later than I had anticipated since the last one.  I write this as a free woman, as of today I have completed my exams for the year and am officially on holiday. That crazy busyness leading up to exams and then suddenly [...]

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Perceptions Are Beliefs That Permeate Every Cell

August 4, 2010

Thoughts from Dr Bruce Lipton – Cell Biologist – the power of the Mind/Body connection While most of us are aware of the healing influences of the placebo effect, few are aware of its evil twin, the nocebo effect. Just as surely as positive thoughts can heal, negative ones – including the belief we are [...]

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The Power Of Unconscious Thought!

July 12, 2010

Cutting-edge science has proven that YOU are the master of your own health.  How empowering is that! An interesting study was done on hotel maids by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer. Eighty eight maids were divided into two groups. One group was educated on how much exercise they got when they climbed stairs, made beds and [...]

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Knocking On Doors That Do Not Open

May 14, 2010

We have been out in the public talking to people about their health and the health of those they love.  Without doubt, the most common comment we heard was “I have been everywhere, done everything, but still the problem persists!” A little further investigation reveals that in fact “the everything” did not include Chiropractic Care!! [...]

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