Carer’s Week 8th – 14th June

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 11, 2009

CarerCarers……………………….the UK’s Secret Service!!


£5 from every patient we see today will be paid to the Carers Association to help support local carers.

UK’s carers are, quite literally, indispensable. By providing unpaid care to someone they know who is frail, ill, or disabled, they save the economy an incredible £87 billion (£15,000 each) – the same cost of running the NHS.

73% of carers surveyed said that health problems affected their own ability to care, with 59% saying their health problems affected the person they cared for. The most common complaints, stress/worry (91%), depression (58%) stem from the emotional impact of caring, while backache (50%) demonstrated the physical toll on the health of carers.

The theme for this year’s Carer’s Week is ‘In sickness and in health’. In each of the categories mentioned – stress/worry, depression and backache – the nervous system is involved. Chiropractors are Spinal Nerve Specialists and recommend regular Spinal Health Care Checks should be included in health checks being considered for carers within 12 months of them becoming a carer, and regularly thereafter, in order to break the cycle of deteriorating health.

There are 23,000 Carers in Brighton and Hove – and it is often children, heroically providing love and support to someone in need in their family. During Carer’s week the aim is to highlight the pure unselfish endeavours of these men, women and children who put others before themselves and create strategies to help support them.

The survey revealed the psychological impact of caring hits those aged between 18-34 years the hardest, with this age group suffering the highest amount of depression (61%), anxiety (82%), which can lead to feelings of isolation (78%) and a smaller circle of friends (70%).

The fact is, that 3 in 5 people will be carers at some point in their lives – carers often face a lack of recognition. They may experience this from employers, GPs and social workers, even friends and family.

The main consequence of this lack of recognition is that carers suffer more than they need to. Carers struggle with their finances (Carers Allowance at £50.55 is the lowest benefit of its kind), health, job, social life and general wellbeing.  Our desire is that Carer’s Week will bring more recognition to the work our Secret Service workers do and help us celebrate the incredible contribution that they make.

We understand that Brighton and Hove City Council are close to completing a three year carer’s strategy to identify and help alleviate the difficulties carer’s face.

To our patients and other carers – We Salute You!!

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