Birdsong For Your Health!

by Chiropractors Brighton on January 24, 2011

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Listening to just five minutes of birdsong each day could help dispel the winter gloom and be one of the best, and most beautiful ways to help us get through the long winter days,also giving us a much needed health boost in the process.

Listen to the birdsong audio here

Peter Brash, National Trust ecologist had this to say:

Birdsong is one of the most distinctive sounds from the natural world and gives us a warm glow inside when we hear it. We’re all attuned to the need to eat five fruit and vegetables a day or take a 30 minute walk. Taking the timeout to listen to five minutes of birdsong every day could be as beneficial to our well being.’

Birdsong has a powerful healing effect which can improve our mental health.  Dr William Bird GP, who is a health adviser for the countryside agency, Natural England, said tests had proven the effect. Dr Bird  recommended birdsong for the elderly and for those who suffer from high levels of stress. “We have lost our connection with nature,” he said, adding: “By listening to birdsong, it’s a way of connecting back to nature and our mental health improves when that connection has been made.”  Research has found that “ultra waves” increase in the brain when subjects are shown a natural scene.  Dr Bird said the same effect occurred with birdsong.   Mark Avery, director of Conservation at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, said that bird sounds were a “tonic” for people’s general wellbeing.  We think it is a tonic easy to take!

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seattle chiropractor January 25, 2011 at 6:49 am

Eat less food. Eat healthier food. Exercise. Don’t smoke. Get adjusted by your chiropractor. These simple lifestyle choices all have a positive long-term impact on your health.

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