Beware – Of Gardeners Back!

by Chiropractors Brighton on April 2, 2010

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Beware Of Gardener's Back!

Just a sliver of sunlight draws out the gardeners and this weekend will be no exception.  If you are one of the keen Easter gardeners ensure you protect yourself from back strain by using the following guidelines. A few simple steps will help to ensure your gardening is a pleasure.

1.  A brisk 5 – 10 minute walk beforehand will help you warm up.

2.  Take it slowly even if you think you are in good shape.  Using different sets of muscles that are not used to being extended may leave you with some residual soreness.  This is especially true if you try to get lots of jobs done over this four day break.  Sometimes soreness takes a day or two to register.

3.  Use the right equipment and sturdy footware.

4.  Eat well and stay hydrated because even though the weather is still cold you will lose more fluids through perspiration even if the sun is not shining.  Wind can be very drying too.  Good quality protein foods and complex carbohydrates will provide the necessary energy for the activity you undertake.

5.  At the end of your day relax in a well earned bath with some epsom salts and lavendar or marjoram essential oil.

6.  In the event of serious strain you should immediately apply ice – wrap in a light cloth and apply for ten minutes every hour.

Every spring Chiropractor’s have an influx of people with back pain resulting from some enthusiastic gardening.  Very often there has been a problem lurking and it has taken the gardening to bring the problem out – much like the straw that broke the camels back!   If you do experience a problem, remember we are here to help!   We are only a phone call away – 01273 208188

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