The Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

by Chiropractors Brighton on May 5, 2009

Sandra Golby Chiropractic StoryMany years ago I yawned and stretched at the same time and was in terrible pain in the neck. I could not move my head. I saw my GP who gave me 12 Paracetamols and some cream and told to go away.

It was in the summer I was walking around with a scarf wrapped around my neck, using it as a brace. A friend of mine was so appalled that she took me to the hospital, who gave me a box of analgesics.

When I moved I went to the GP about my neck, Xrays revealed Spondylitus and physiotherapy to treat it. To no avail.

So for years I walked around with my head locked almost on my right shoulder. To look to my left, I could not move my head, I had to move the whole top half of my body, from the waist up had to move together. It caused daily headaches, backache, restless sleep, generally constant discomfort 24/7, to the point I felt my neck needed stretching, but how can I stretch my neck without hanging myself?

Then in October1992 there was a free back pain week – where you had a free assessment of the back. I booked an appointment with an Osteopath and another with a Chiropractor. I didn’t know what these people did, how could they help? Complementary treatments were not really well known or advertised, until then, but I would do anything to put an end to the pain.  The Osteopath checked my neck and back – said “I would be surprised if you could find anyone that would touch your neck” then recommended weekly massage across the shoulders, where the muscles had thickened over the years. I felt this is it I will have to put up with the pains for the rest of my life.

I didn’t hold much hope when I attend the Chiropractor appointment – thinking, I am going to be told the same.To my surprise, the chiropractor (from Lewes) checked my back and neck – said “if you had done this two weeks ago, I could deal with this, but as the injury is so old they would have to do an xray. It can still be treated.I saved up, then in March 1993 I made another appointment for Xray and treatment.

The Xray showed the neck was locked and the five vertebrae above were not working at all. When I was asked to hold my head straight and look ahead, my head remained to the right and my right eye socket was much larger than the left.I also had Xrays of my back. Yes, it was twisted. Then for my first treatment – I can remember this like it was yesterday, it was such a relief after that first adjustment – it was sheer bliss to feel the release of pain. For the first time in years, I felt alive.  After six weeks I really began to notice my shoulders evening up.

Since 1993 I have attended monthly adjustments. After each adjustment I walk out, walking tall, I feel alive.I thank the inspiration of free back pain week, as it opened my eyes and probably many others as to what Chiropractors do.I am also thankful to the Chiropractor who gave me the hope – it has changed my outlook on life.

Then I moved to Hove in 2008 and had not seen a Chiropractor for approx nine months.  One day a card was put through my door from Chiropractic Life so I took up the offer. I said to my sister,(who had never been to a Chiropractor before) come on neither of us is getting any younger, lets find out how healthy our backs are, before we really hit old age and beyond help.

I made an appointment for the assessment; this was when I first met Richard, we went through my history, then had Xrays done and went back later in the week for feedback.  I was not in great pain, as I was before 1993, but knew I needed to keep on top of it to feel the benefits. After my feedback I had six weekly treatments and now I go for monthly adjustments each month, every month without fail. I am back to walking tall and feeling the benefit after each adjustment.

Thank you Richard


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