Are You Too Old For Chiropractic? Edna Doesn’t Think So!

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 11, 2010

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.”  - Aldous Huxley

Edna consulted Richard for her back pain and sciatica on the advice of her daughter, Heather who has been a patient of Richards for many years.  Edna is ninety six years old and is our oldest patient (to date) and is thoroughly delightful. There are no age restrictions to people getting Chiropractic Care.  If you have a spine, Chiropractic is right for you! Chiropractors base their care on the detection, correction, and prevention of spinal misalignments.  Thoughts (mental emotional), Trauma (physical) and Toxins (chemical) have the ability to interfere with the healthy function of the nervous system whether you are 6 months, 6 years, or 96 years old!

When spinal function is improved, mobility, vitality and endurance may be increased. Many patients report improvement with arthritic and other symptoms commonly attributed to the ageing process (check out our testimonials).  By detecting and correcting spinal misalignments the nervous system has the opportunity to deliver the full supply of nerve energy to the area of the body that it was intended for.

As with any age group, the adjusting techniques used by your Doctor of Chiropractic,  will be based on the patient and condition.

Richard loves to tell the story of his Grandad who had had the value of Chiropractic Care for approximately the last forty six years of his life as he was committed to the wellness model and enthusiastically embraced his regular monthly adjustment.  His Grandad (also called Richard or more often Dick) had one Sunday done his regular three mile walk and came home, sat down in his chair while waiting to be taken to his Church meeting and gracefully the candle flickered out.  It was such a dignified way to exit life.  No drugs, no surgery, no interference – just surrounded by the people he loved.

Chiropractor Reaches 100th Birthday in Active Practice

A prophetic article appeared in the December 21, 2006 online Channel 9 News website out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The story reported on Dr. Thomas Langley reaching his 100th birthday while still practicing three days a week as a chiropractor. According to the report, Dr. Langley of Dalton, Georgia became the world’s oldest practicing chiropractor. His actual 100th birthday was December 28, 2006. He passed away January 6, 2007.

Dr. Thomas Langley 1906 – 2007, will always have the honor and respect of his patients and colleagues and will be known as the only chiropractor to have ever reached the century mark while still in active practice.

Chiropractic is a safe and natural alternative to drugs and surgery.

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