Are You Nuts?

by Chiropractors Brighton on June 13, 2010

This year’s most eagerly awaited challenge is scheduled for the 4th September 2010, never
seen anywhere in the world before but a Nuttie assault course for nuttie people!!  For our blog readers who would like to get active this summer and raise money for charity, this challenge may be of interest to you.  The charity that is chosen by Chiropractic Life will have no affiliation with drug companies. Check the challenge out!

The challenge consists of a variety of obstacles spanning out just over 3.5k in distance
into the Surrey countryside, no walks in the park here as we expect you to be challenged all the way!!

One thing we need to know at the Nuts team, is how Nuttie you are:

Tough Nuts

You serious nuts will kick off at 11am and will need to be the fittest of the fit and
want to be on the front row as you are serious about being Nuts!!

Completely Nuts

For all you nuts who consider yourself to be fit, then you kick off at 11.15 am
and you can try and catch those tough nuts!!

Mixed Nuts

This mixed nutt session kicks off at 11.30am and if you just enjoy being in a crowd of nuttie people
and want run around with fellow team nuts then this is the nuttie section for you!!

More Nuts

(prize given for best dressed up nutt)

For those nuts who want to dress up and just have fun then you join the Nuttie world at 11.45am!!

All for the Nuttie Price of


Whilst challenging yourself, why not take the opportunity and
raise sponsorship for a Charity you are Nuts about

To become Nuttie please call:

0844 247 3015

Or visit….

We can’t wait for you to become Nuttie just like us!!

The Nuts Team

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