Addressing The Symptoms Or The Cause?

by Chiropractors Brighton on July 28, 2011

Aches and pains at any age are the body’s warning system, trying to let us know that something isn’t quite  right.   Frequently, simply through convenience or because perhaps it is what mother did, or grandmother did a couple of asprin or some other medication may be taken.

But is this really wise?

Even more important, what are we teaching our children when we reach for drugs and medications to make us feel better, or even worse, give to them?   Young children are impressionable and vulnerable.  How will it be possible to explain the difference later on between a “good” drug and a “bad” drug?

Is there any such thing?

Virtually every drug has side effects, even over the counter drugs!     Read the labels – some side effects include   stomach bleeding, liver damage, muscle spasms and many other undesirable symptoms – which creates a merry go round of symptoms/drugs to suppress symptoms/other symptoms as end result of taking drugs to suppress symptoms in the first place!!!

Rather than treating symptoms, the Chiropractic approach detects and helps correct the underlying cause.

Without drugs!


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